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    MOIST® MEAT HYDRATION SALTS. It's moisture magic for all meats. Experience the Magic of making your meats Moist, succulent and tender by brining and/or injecting the same Mineral Salts Phosphates Injection solution used commercially by Australian Butchers, Ham, and Smallgood companies. Ratio: Shake 1/4 cup(55g) with 2 cups water.

    Analysis: The natural phosphate mineral salts absorb into the meat and expand and pull apart meat muscle fibres which then allow marinade liquid to enter and be held captive.

    Brine Pork or Beef Ribs overnight for soft juicy Ribs! Inject big meat chunks, Brine smaller meat pieces and Ribs.
    Especially good for softening and adding moisture to lean dry Game Meats like Venison & Kangaroo!
    Brine Chicken Breasts for 4hrs for juicy smoked chicken.
    Brine Whole Chickens or Turkey overnight.

    This Product is not normally available to the Public, but we negotiated a deal with the Australian Manufacturer so we could make it available to us BBQ'rs. This Professional Blend of 3 fast dissolving Hydration Mineral Salts breaks down connective tissues and raises the PH so Marinade liquids are retained in your BBQ Meats during long LownSlow cooks. Dissolves easily in water, does not harden at bottom of liquid like the imported version.
    For melt in the mouth soft tender Briskets, mix 1/4 cup MOIST with 1 cup Red Wine and 1 cup Beef Broth.

    We offer a flavoured version: MOIST MEAT BOMB contains Herbs & Spices finely ground into a powder that easily dissolves and will come out brining injector needles. Brining Ribs cuts your cooking time in half, Smoke brined Ribs in just 3 hrs!

    We injected 1 cup MOIST into a 3.4kg Pork Shoulder for Pulled Pork, resulting in a juicy 78.4% Moisture Content!
    Injecting Hydration Salts or Brining (soaking overnight), or doing both, will help create juicy succulent beef, pork, chicken and fish, every time you cook. Simply add to water, Apple juice, Beef Broth or whatever injection marinade you are using. MSG & Gluten Free. Perfect for mixing with your own personal marinade formulas. At the recommended dosage, the taste is neutral and will complement your favourite flavours. 200g MOIST makes 8 cups/2.27ltrs Injector Marinade.

    To make Injecting marinade for 3kg of Meat: Dissolve 1/8 cup MOIST in 1 cup cold liquid & Shake well (1:8 ratio).
    To make Brine for 3kg of Meat or Fish: Dissolve 1/4 cup MOIST in 2 cups cold liquid + 2tbsp salt. Try our Smoked Salts.

    Mix powders easily with our 1ltr SHAKER WITH AGITATOR BALL. Inject in adjustable squirts with our INJECTOR GUN.

    Food grade Hydration Salts are used in meat products for several reasons such as changing and/or stabilizing of pH value, increasing water holding capacity, decreasing losses of weight in cooking, improving texture, tenderness, juiciness, colour and flavour. In addition, Salts in meat products are a valuable source of dietary phosphorus which is an essential mineral for a healthy body.