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  • WOOD SMOKE PEPPER SALT 200g Finely ground for shakers. No need for a Grinder Mill anymore!


    We Cold Smoked semi-hot flavoured Peppercorns and healthy Pink Himalayan Rock Salt for 2 days
    on local Red Gum and sweet Cherry Wood to create a unique Aussie Wood Smoked Pepper & Salt Combo. 

    We ground them up fine so the powder easily comes out of a Shaker.
    No need for a Grinder for Smoked Salts and Peppercorns anymore, simply shake or sprinkle on food.
    Add a smokey natural flavoured seasoning Boost to any meal.  

    Try on meats, spuds, veggies, pizza, eggs, corn cobs, soup, etc.

    INGREDIENTS: Semi-hot Cambodian Black Pepper Corns and Himalayan Rock Salt, smoked on Aussie Woods.
    No Preservatives. Vegan. Gluten Free. Very Tasty.