Aussie BBQ Smoking Wood Chips Sawdust Smoker Chunks Chemical free Lump Charcoal Pink Butcher Paper


    Our Whiskey Stout Pucks are made from compressing the shavings scraped out of the inside of U.S. Oak Whiskey Barrels that were used to age Gourmet Beer Stouts. No adhesive used in this process, the tasty sticky shavings are simply machine compressed into solid Pucks for Cold or Hot BBQ Smoking. Use just 1, or 2 in a large Smoker, per hr. This is a Special limited offer until sold out..
    Good smoke flavour for any meats. $10+gst.
    Packaged in our 1kg standup Retailer Gift bags.

    HOW TO USE:-
    - Place on hot charcoal and let smolder. If they catch fire, close the BBQ air vents till they smolder without flames and produce clean white smoke.
    - Place in a smoker can like our WEDGIE smoker can on a Gas Grill or underneath on it’s own burner and turn burner down when smoldering starts.

    - Cold Smoke Bacon, Sausage, Salamis: smolder Pucks on electric frypan in old fridge with meats hanging above.
    - For Gas or Electric Smoker Wood Chip drawers, place a couple face down for hours of smoke.
    - To use as a tasty Smoker Sawdust: Place in our WEDGIE smoker can or smoker tin and Pour red wine, apple juice, beer, or whiskey, over a Puck to triple it’s volume and add flavour & moisture while increasing smoking time. Place on heat to smolder for hours.
    - For Metho Burner Fish Smoker Boxes, Place a whole Puck on base, or tear off pieces and spread over floor, to smolder.