Aussie BBQ Smoking Wood Chips Sawdust Smoker Chunks Chemical free Lump Charcoal Pink Butcher Paper


    Now Aussies can use an Australian made Cold Smoking device, simplest Cold Smoker avail. Made by us, the original Aussie BBQ Smoking Bloke, the Bloke to come to for Aussie Smoke! 
    More sturdy than the imported A-MAZE-N Smoker Tube.
    305mm long 50mm Dia. 500g shipping weight.  

    It’s made of heavy duty 18 gauge Ned Kelly outlaw steel and should outlast you ! Looks like a gun silencer, Ned would have loved one. It creates quiet cool BBQ flavour smoke. Place it horizontal underneath the grill bars so the smoke goes up and envelops the food.

    Use it in your BBQ, in any Smoker, or in your home made smoker made from an old fridge or 44 gal drum. Use it to cold smoke infuse your meats thoroughly before cooking them later, or use it to add tasty Smoke into a hooded BBQ.

    Instructions: Stand tube up and fill with our flavoursome 8mm Pellets or the new LUMBERJACK PELLETS, tap Barrel a few times on the ground to compact Pellets and top up to brim, then lay down. Use our Butane Blowtorch for at least 30 secs to light the open end, the Pellets should remain alight for at least 1 min before going out. They will then consecutively smolder for up to 6 hrs.  

    Cold Smoke cheese blocks in an old Fridge with the Smoking Barrel smoldering on a brick underneath them.