Aussie BBQ Smoking Wood Chips Sawdust Smoker Chunks Chemical free Lump Charcoal Pink Butcher Paper


    We are proud to offer several flavours of local top quality tough long lasting chew Jerky's made from grass fed Black Angus Aussie Beef strips. Use Drop Down Menu to select from 5 Flavours.

    CHARGRILLED CHILLI BBQ: This Chilli BBQ is laced it with a fiery trifecta of hot chillies and finished off with a pinch of hot chilli powder. You’re now stepping deep into the world of heat and flavour and there’s no going back. Months trialling various chillies with an expert in hot Far North Queensland to come up with a blend of 3 HOT ladies that when put together, leave you with a fiery burn and a tasty jerky.

    LOADED GUNPOWDER: Made with our famous smoked GUNPOWDER Rub.  Dipper loves this Jerky, see video below.

    It's Beef Chief's biggest seller! Tastes great when sipping straight Bourbon. 30g shipping weight. Tastes like a meat shotgun to the face. Salty and Peppery, covered with activated charcoal that’s been smoked over AUSTRALIAN REDGUM & CHERRY WOOD. This one goes off like a BANG.

    HONEY SOY DRIZZLE: Ready to get your fingers sticky?  This sweet and mild blend brings out the best of honey and soy, to create a mild, sweet and easy-to-eat snack that was made for those who enjoy high-protein jerky, but don't want any heat. All of that sticky, honey flavour is mixed perfectly into a mild savory mix of spices and soy that blend together to create a smooth, mild, sweet eating jerky that anyone can enjoy.

    RAGIN’ CAJUN: Beef Chief's Cajun hits all the right spots. This seriously tasty blend of cayenne chilli, capsicum and lightly powdered garlic will not only satisfy your cravings, but it’ll make you sweat - and this isn’t even the Beef Chiefs hottest flavour. This Cajun tastes so good because it hits all the flavour elements just right. Nice smokiness from paprika. A hot hit from Cayenne chilli. The subtle sweetness of capsicum. Light garlic sprinkled throughout.

    SMOKEY BBQ: The CHIEF spends a full day cooking down their Aussie grown tomatoes to make their BBQ sauce from scratch, combining Aussie ingredients to simmer into a sweet and tangy sauce so rich and tasty you could happily drown your steak in it every night. They infuse this rich mixture with a deep Smokey essence derived from hickory logs for a classic Smokey taste.