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    We are proud to offer several flavours of local top quality tough long lasting chew Jerky's made from grass fed Black Angus Aussie Beef strips. Use Drop Down Menu to select from 4 Flavours. ON SALE WITH FREE POSTAGE!

    BOURBON BBQ: Bourbon and barbecue go together like meat and smoke. There's a reason BBQ Bourbon is a worldwide favourite. The Beef Chief take on this classic is just what you've come to expect from us. Full on flavour that gets stronger the more you chew. While there's zero alcohol in this, our great bourbon taste is all Australian made and will leave you feeling like you've marinaded a T-bone overnight in bourbon and Smokey BBQ sauce. This taste so good that even if a bit gets stuck in that sore spot between your teeth, the only thing you'll care about is getting another bite.

    CREEPING REAPER: So you think your tough? You really want to test your limits? Get ready, because The Beef Chief has this loaded with freshly grown Australian Carolina Reapers. Enjoy the first few bites, because the Creeping Reaper is about to make your head spin. If you've been looking for a hot jerky, REALLY HOT, that tastes just as much as it burns then you've finally found it.
    We use Australian grown Carolina Reapers that are picked at the perfect time for maximum heat AND flavour. Anyone who’s been lucky (or unlucky) enough to bite into a fresh Carolina Reaper pod knows what the truth in what I'm about to say. The first 10 seconds after biting a crunchy pod is great. The chili tastes so fresh and sweet, and the smell immediately dominates the area. It's a great tasting chili pod. But then your face feels like its melting into a pool of lava and your life flashes quickly before you realize the amount of trouble you're in for.

    CHILLI BBQ: This Chilli BBQ is laced it with a fiery trifecta of hot chillies and finished off with a pinch of hot chilli powder. You’re now stepping deep into the world of heat and flavour and there’s no going back.
    We make our chilli BBQ with ingredients so good you'll instantly know this is a cut above the rest. Starting with our famous Smokey BBQ marinade, we boot it up with our secret blend of chillies.
    We spent months trialling various chillies with our expert in hot Far North Queensland to come up with our blend of 3 HOT ladies that when put together, leave you with a fiery burn and a tasty jerky.
    There is an instant heat hit from the dusting we give each piece of our chilli blend that let you know what’s up. The more you chew, all those barbecue flavours get released and then you get to know why it’s so popular. As that Smokey BBQ goodness comes alive, the chilli hiding deep in the meat fibres gets released and you experience why we brought these 3 stunning secret chillies together. A great mix of flavour and spice.

    HONEY SOY DRIZZLE: Ready to get your fingers sticky?  This sweet and mild blend brings out the best of honey and soy, to create a mild, sweet and easy-to-eat snack that was made for those who enjoy high-protein jerky, but don't want any heat. All of that sticky, honey flavour is mixed perfectly into a mild savory mix of spices and soy that blend together to create a smooth, mild, sweet eating jerky that anyone can enjoy.