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  • THE BIG-M 18HR SMOKE GENERATOR MAZE TRAY, 1kg Hickory Pellets included $45+gst


    Use the THE BIG-M 18HR SMOKE GENERATOR MAZE with Fine Sawdust or Pellets for many hours of cold smoke, the separate wire channels prevent the 'fire jumps' that happen with maze channels that share mesh walls. Pellets work better and go much longer than Sawdust.
    Use as a Cold Smoke Generator, or to add extra smoke flavour in a Pellet Smoker or BBQ. Measurement: 22.5 x 22cm Wide. 5cm High. $45+gst.

    We tried LUMBER JACK 100% HICKORY Pellets in the Maze and it generated just over 18hrs extra smoke flavour in a ZGrill Pellet Smoker. It outlasted the 14hr duration of the Brisket cook!
    Most Pellets go out in a long consecutive Cold Smoke Burn, but we found that our 
    LUMBER JACK 100% OAK also work well. You may have to relight the Maze after 10-15mins to give it a good start, then it should burn all the way to the end.

     Cold Smoking or adding smoke to a BBQ Smoker with Lumber Jack Pellets:-
    - Overfill all Maze channels with Pellets. Lumber Jack are smaller than other Brands and work well in Mazes. A low pellet level in a Channel may cause the consecutive burning to stop, so pile them high.
    - Start one end with our
    LONG BUTANE BLOW TORCH as it has a nice tight thin flame, fire it for 15 secs or so, let the Pellets stay on fire for a few minutes then put the lid down on your BBQ or blow the flame out.

    Cold Smoking or adding smoke to a BBQ Smoker with Fine Sawdust:-
    - Start Sawdust burn with 1 candle for a long burn, or 2 candles for a more intense shorter burn time.

    CANDLES and TONGS sold separately.

    We can send for $16.50 postage to any postcode, or combine it with other items as 2kg shipping weight by volume.

    You can also do a Click and Collect In-Person Pickup from our Warehouse at 58 Frankston Gardens Dr. Carrum Downs M-F 8-5. Sat 8-4.