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    Custom made BBQ Injector Kit with easylock Luer Needles. Used by Restaurants, BBQ Competitions, and Amateurs for 7 years now.
    $90 + GST. Injecting meats heavily with our MOIST MEAT BOMB Injection accelerates the cooking time and can take 3hrs off a Brisket cook.

    Order additional Options at discounted prices:-
    Select extra custom designed Comp 6" 12 hole thin 14G Marinade needle for $8. We also sell Spare 6" Needles if needed later.

    Select our
    1ltr SHAKER BOTTLE with with Stainless Steel agitator ball for $8.
    Select a $20 500g bag of our MOIST® Meat Hydration Salts for $15.
    Select a $20 500g bag of our MOIST® MEAT BOMB flavoured meat Hydration Salts for $15.
    2kg shipping weight.

    Our Custom made Meat Injector Kit contains:
    - Quality BBQ Competition Grade Stainless Steel adjustable Injector Gun with 5
    Flow settings. Deliver accurate and precise amounts of marinade EVERY TIME by changing the knob setting. Does multiple short squirts fast and efficiently. 50ml LARGE CAPACITY 'see through' BARREL with measurement markings.
    - 1 x Custom Made thin 6" 14 gauge Comp needle with 12 small holes near tip to prevent squirt outs when 1/2 way out of meat, 6 on each side. PERFECT FOR BBQ COMP INJECTING as smaller holes in meats means less leakage of fluids during cooking. Strain gritty marinades for this thin needle, or use our flavoured
    MOIST MEAT BOMB marinade injection.
    This thin sharp needle works great in lean tight grained Venison & Kangaroo Game Meats. MEAT BOMB makes dry Venison soft & tender!
    - 1 x standard fat 6" marinade needle with 12 large holes for bulk injecting of marinades into large chunks of meat. 
    - 1 x short 3 inch 13 gauge needle with 2 small holes for injecting Chicken and smaller meats.
    - 1 x short 3 inch 13 gauge needle with 2 larger holes for injecting Chicken and smaller meats.

    Lots of Injector tips at bottom of page.
    TIP: Clear a blocked needle by boiling in water, then connect it and blow out with air or water.

    This professional BBQ Competition hand held pistol grip gun design is much easier to use than traditional Syringe Injectors. Regulate the flow of marinade or seasoning mix by turning Adjuster Dial, you can easily do fast multiple 5cc squirts.  

    Boost meat flavours and make succulent, moist, and tender by injecting our MOIST® MEAT BOMB mix 1/3 cup to 2 cups water, or 50/50 water & beer, the water prevents froth in the Injector.

    The plunger rod is packed with the rubber seal loose. To tighten the rubber seal in the tube, pull back the long shaft and hold it towards the top with the left hand and twist the round end clockwise with the right hand until the rod turns and squishes the rubber seal at the end fatter so it creates a good seal and draws liquids up.

    Marinade Injecting Tips
    - Fill Syringe by retracting the plunger to suck up the solution through the needle.
    - To avoid overfill squirts, withdraw needle as marinade fills the meat. Use your other hand to cover injection hole to prevent squirts shooting out.
    - Inject our MOIST Hydration Salt 1 to 8 ratio with water or any other Brine, to add moisture to LownSlow meats to tenderize and prevent drying out on long cooks.
    - Clean out a blocked Needle by boiling it in water.

    - Pump in your favourite Marinade, Red Wine, Honey, or BBQ sauce into meats and produce the tastiest moist roasts you have ever had!
    - Inject vodka into a watermelon for a great cocktail.
    - For over 18's: Inject vodka into "Prima" cartons then a dab of hot glue over the hole, take to the Footy etc.
    - Inject vodka into oranges and freeze them for the Footy!
    - Pump Cherry Smoke into a Bourbon bottle for tasty Smoked Bourbon.
    - Inject Roasts with Port or Sherry for juicy meat.
    - Pump tomato sauce into meat pies.
    - Squirt chocolate in swirly motion into Marble Cake batter just prior to cooking.
    - Injecting Tips for chook meat: Limit the puncture holes, puncture directly into the centre of the meat. Carefully and slowly inject along the grain of the meat aiming the injector into the middle of the meat and reduce plunger pressure on liquid as the needle comes nearer the surface of the meat so meat can close up behind the needle. Do not pull the needle completely out of the puncture hole unless to reload with liquid. Use the same hole to angle into the other areas of the meat, slowing infusing flavour as the needle moves back toward the meat surface. The object is to spread your injection pattern, to get small amounts of flavour in as many places as possible. Occasionally, some of the liquid is likely to spurt out on the meat surface. Rub the marinade over the meat and then cover in dry Rub like our CONVICT RUB or HOTnSMOKEY CAJUN.
    - Inject Brining solution deep into large chunks of meat and around the bone of a leg or a shoulder cut, as these can go off if the brine soak doesn't get in.
    - Microwave warm butter and 'squirt mustard' and inject into a chunk of Pork before smoking or baking in the house oven.
    - Inject 'squirt mustard' and smokey BBQ sauce into the centre of a stuffed burger before cooking it.
    - Tie a whole chicken tightly shut and inject it full of orange juice, or beer if you can spare it!
    - Use your Marinade Injector to suck up meat roast juices and inject it back into the meat. (Chef's trick).
    - Inject Beef Short Ribs with dark ale & fine dissolved steak rub.
    - Remove some of the hot liquid from a pork pie to stop it overflowing onto the Pastry and to make room for injecting Gelatine filling.
    - Inject Brandy into cooking apples before baking and serving with custard or ice cream.
    - Inject Brandy into cooking apples then leave them overnight. Later core and cut into  pieces & slow roast and serve on pork.
    - Inject Port or Sherry into beef roasts to tenderize and break down the meat when it cooks.