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  • TALL BOY BACON BRINER BAG: STANDUP POUCH 15ltr Brining Bag 440mm T 300mm W 130mm D.


    1 x Commercial Grade EXTRA Heavy Duty Food Grade tough Reusable 120um Standup Pouch Bag. 440mm Tall  300mm Wide 130mm Deep.

    This large bag is perfect for dry or wet Brining Pork Belly into Bacon. Lay on it's side and squeeze the air out, and ziploc seal it. This bag is used in our MAKIN BACON KIT to cure 3kgs Pork Belly.

    For Wet Brining meats with lots of liquid, support bag upright in a bucket. 

    Brine Racks of Pork Ribs for 24hrs in The TALL BOY BRINER Bag, then Smoke those plump Ribs in just 3hrs! 

    Tired of trying to keep brining meats submerged? This is your answer, it's easy to squeeze the air out of this bag: just tilt one corner up while sealing, and squeeze all air out.

    We offer PRAGUE #1 PINK SALT CURE for making a quality Curing Brine.

    To hydrate Meats to make them juicy and moist without Curing, make up a Brine with MOIST or our flavoured MOIST: MOIST MEAT BOMB. A rack of Beef or Pork Ribs soaked overnight in MOIST MEAT BOMB would win a BBQ Comp as they become juicy and succulent, with the natural flavour boosted.
    MOIST MEAT BOMB as a 4hr Chicken Soak for Wings, Drumsticks, Breasts or Whole Chooks, or Turkeys.