Aussie BBQ Smoking Wood Chips Sawdust Smoker Chunks Chemical free Lump Charcoal Pink Butcher Paper

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    200g Resealable Zip Lock Refill Bag of our new 12hr Low'n'Slow Super Smoked Pure ground SMOKEY CHILLI LIME SALT and 200g of our SMOKEY CHILLI LEMON PEPPER. Use to refill your Shaker or ours. Chef's add a little Chilli to dishes to bring out the other flavours, we find it sharpens the Smokey Lime & Lemon Flavours.
    This offer will be sent in an $8 500g Aust Post Satchel to any Postcode, if ordered separately.

    SMOKEY CHILLI LEMON PEPPER:- We Double Cold Smoked Black Pepper Corns with Red Gum & Cherry Wood Chips, then ground them up with our Double Smoked Mild Chilli's smoked on Pinot Grapevines and Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Bushes, and added Pure Australian dehydrated Lemon Juice Powder. 
    Shake on Calamari, Peas, Baked Potato, Avocado, buttered Cob Corn, Fish, Mexican meals, Salads, Veggies, Jerky, Pepper Steaks.

    SMOKEY CHILLI LIME SALT:- We combined our 12hr Low'n'Slow Super Smoked granular local Sea Salt smoked with Red Gum Chips & Rosemary Bush Sawdust, then ground it up with our Double Cold Cold Smoked Mild Chilli's smoked with Pinot Grapevine Wood Chips & Tasmanian Pepper Berry Bushes, and added Pure Australian dehydrated Lime Juice Powder.  No additives.
    Shake on Calamari, Mac & Cheese. Fish & Chips, Chicken, Mexican meals, Buffalo Wings, Salads, Veggies, Avocado, Guacamole, Almonds, Popcorn, Corn Cobs (partially open leaves, butter corn, salt it, then close up and smoke or cook in oven), Jerky, also great on Potato Chips or Wedges! Restaurants shake it on Fries to make ANGRY FRIES! Carry a large ziploc bag with some Chilli Lime Salt in it and toss Hot Chips in and shake them around in the bag and enjoy Angry Fries on the Beach!
    Try it with Tequila! Do the Lick/Sip/Suck, or Rub fresh lime on a Margarita or Shot glass and dip rim on the Salt on a plate, for a tasty zingy rim edge.

    Want to make Awesome Calamari?
    But a kg of Frozen squid tubes from Coles. Thaw under hot water, slice along side and open up flat, score lines with tip of a sharp knife, then score across lines in Pineapple pattern, cut into squares, then small triangles.
    The knife must be placed at an angle when scoring the flesh as that makes the triangles twist into tight funnels.
    Mix some Rice Flour with Smokey Chilli Lemon Pepper and cover pieces with it, drop in hot oil for a min, lift out for 10 secs and drop back in for another min.
    Lift out and place on paper towel and shake Smokey Chilli Lemon Pepper and Smokey Chilli Lime Salt on the cute little calamari funnels.
    Guaranteed to be the best calamari you have ever tried!