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Bulk Chef 1kg bag. Resealable Zip Lock Refill Bag of our new Super Smoked Pure Australian ground SMOKEY CHILLI LIME SALT. Use in your Shaker or ours. Chef's add a little Chilli to dishes to bring out the other flavours, we find it sharpens the Smokey Salt and Lime flavour.

Shake on Calamari, Mac & Cheese. Fish & Chips, Chicken, Mexican meals, Buffalo Wings, Salads, Veggies, Avocado, Guacamole, Almonds, Popcorn, Corn Cobs (partially open leaves, butter corn, salt it, then close up and smoke or cook in oven), Jerky, also great on Potato Chips or Wedges! Restaurants shake it on Fries to make ANGRY FRIES! Carry a large ziploc bag with some Chilli Lime Salt in it and toss Hot Chips in and shake them around in the bag and enjoy Angry Fries on the Beach!
Try it with Tequila! Do the Lick/Sip/Suck, or Rub fresh lime on a Margarita or Shot glass and dip rim on the Salt on a plate, for a tasty zingy rim edge.
- A customer told us how he created some great Smokey Spuds: He pulled out 1/2 cooked tinfoil'd Potatoes out of the Weber, then cut them into open quarters and dropped in some butter and covered it with lots of our Smokey Chilli Lime Salt.
He closed up the tinfoil spuds and returned them to the Weber to infuse the flavours and finish cooking them. The result was mouthwatering smokey spuds with a zing of Lime!
- Another Customer makes Mexican Corn with boiled Corn Cobs: Spread Mayonnaise over the Cob to create a sticky surface, grate Cheese finely and sprinkle over the Mayo, then shake on our tasty Smokey Chilli Lime Salt.
Big D's BBQ loves it on smoked Macaroni & Cheese:-