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    SMOKER CHUNKS COMBO: 5 x1kg Bags! 
    The Boss's pick of our tastiest smoking woods.
    - APPLE CHUNKS: creates moist tasty mild smoke and juicy meats.
    - BLACK WATTLE CHUNKS: strong smoke flavour for all meats, especially Beef.
    - CHERRY CHUNKS: sweet smoke for Pork, tasty snags, sausages, chicken & seafood.
    - RED BOX CHUNKS: country flavour & reddish colouring of Pork & Hams.
    - YELLOW BOX CHUNKS: for tasty Lamb. Hardest Chunk, smolders 4-5 hrs!

    Smoke food over the smoldering CHUNKS on charcoal, or wedged between gas burner & wall, or on gas diffuser plate or lava rocks. Our Apple Chunks were made from sweet Golden Delicious Trees.

    TIP: Use Apple with other Chunks to add moisture to meats.

    BEEF BRISKET: Combine an APPLE and a Black Wattle Chunk, inject with our MOIST Meat Hydration salts with Red Wine & Beef Broth and cover in our HotnSmokey Cajun and BBQ Comp Winning GUNPOWDER Rub.

    PULLED PORK: For moist, sweet, red Pork roasts, combine APPLE, CHERRY & RED BOX CHUNKS. Cover in our SWEETnSMOKEY CAJUN RUB for fantastic spicy sweet 'Bark' crust.

    LAMB: For mouthwatering moist smoked Lamb, use Apple & Yellow Box Chunks. Cover in our CONVICT RUB and GUNPOWDER Rub for Smoked Lamb that wins BBQ Comps.