Aussie BBQ Smoking Wood Chips Sawdust Smoker Chunks Chemical free Lump Charcoal Pink Butcher Paper


    SMOKER CHUNKS COMBO: 5 x1kg Bags! 

    The Boss's pick of our tastiest smoking woods.
    - APPLE CHUNKS: creates moist tasty mild smoke and juicy meats.
    - AUS OAK: strong smoke flavour for all meats, especially Beef.
    - CHERRY CHUNKS: sweet smoke for Pork, tasty snags, sausages, chicken & seafood.
    - RED BOX CHUNKS: country flavour & reddish colouring of Pork & Hams.
    - YELLOW BOX CHUNKS: for tasty Lamb. Hardest Chunk, smolders 4-5 hrs!

    Smoke food over the smoldering CHUNKS on charcoal, or wedged between gas burner & wall, or on gas diffuser plate or lava rocks.

    Some upright gas Smokers like the Aldi Coolabah and Hark, get too hot for Chips, so we suggest using Wood Chunks instead, simply place Chunks face down and they will smolder for hours.

    TIP: Use Apple with other Chunks to add moisture to meats.

    BEEF BRISKET: Combine an APPLE and a AUS OAK Chunk, inject with our MOIST MEAT BOMB flavoured Hydration salts with water, cover in our HotnSmokey Cajun & BBQ Comp Winning GUNPOWDER Rub.

    PULLED PORK: For moist, sweet, red Pork roasts, combine APPLE, CHERRY & RED BOX CHUNKS. Cover in our SWEETnSMOKEY CAJUN RUB for fantastic spicy sweet 'Bark' crust.

    LAMB: For mouthwatering moist smoked Lamb, use Apple & Yellow Box Chunks. Cover in our CONVICT RUB and GUNPOWDER Rub for Smoked Lamb that wins BBQ Comps.