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    1/2kg Resealable Zip Lock Refill Bag of our new 12hr Low'n'Slow Super Smoked Pure Australian Granular Rock Sea Salt made especially for Lamb Spit Rotisserie and Souvlaki meats.

    We Cold Smoked this tasty local Sea Salt with smoldering Red Gum Chips, Rosemary Bushes, & Lemon Myrtle Leaves. This resulted in a heavily smoked salt that is best paired up with our LAMB SPIT ROTISSERIE RUB. 

    Mix with LAMB RUB and insert into knife cuts of the Lamb, or Grind over Lamb after Rub is applied. Also Grind over Souvlaki meats.
    Try The 3 Day Steak Dry Brining Method to age steak, with any of our great Smoked Aussie Salts!