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    Try our laser cut logo SOLID STAINLESS STEEL BURGER PRESS, it's a Beauty! Just wipe clean. 
    140mm W, 110mm H. 4ml thick SS disk, weighs 865g - just the right weight. $49.99+gst.
    Tig welded to last forever. Scrub marks or scratches off the stainless steel with a green Scotch-Brite pad, DON'T ever use steel wool as it makes scratches. SELECT preferred handle via drop down menu.

    What is a Smashed Burger?
    It's a Burger with the lot, and 2 thin crispy brown thin smashed patties. 
    It has a mix of textures, great flavour, and is 80% vegetarian!

    Should I smash my burger? 
    Smashed burgers can be more flavourful thanks to the wonderful crust, but many people advise against smashing because it "squeezes all the juices out." J. Kenji López-Alt writes that smashing your burger doesn't just make the meat taste good, it actually makes it taste more meaty.

     By smashing your burger, you maximize browning via the Maillard Reaction which is also known as the browning reaction, it is a series of chemical reactions that take place when protein-rich foods are heated. Large proteins break into smaller compounds which react with others, recombining into new configurations. Maximum crust = maximum flavour!

    It's what creates the crust on your steak or burger, the golden brown colour on your toast, and the complex, pleasing aromas and flavours that accompany that browning. 

    Smashing Technique:
    Spray Base with Veg oil then squash mince flat on hotplate, and twist when lifting off patty so it doesn't stick to the Press.
    -  Smash 2 small meat balls dead flat on hot hotplate or frypan ONCE.
       Works best on buttered Stainless Steel Hotplate Griddle.
       Don’t re-smash. You want the meat to stick to the griddle and caramelize.
    -  Shake on our Fajita Seasoning Beef Spice for great flavour. 
    -  After 30 secs, use our thin Spatula scraper to scrape and flip burger. A large Bunnings paint scraper works well.
    -  After another 30 secs it’s done.
    -  Put one burger on a bun, load up toppings and add another burger amongst the layers of healthy stuff.

    -    For Cheeseburgers, place cheese slice on cooked burger on hotplate, and top with another burger, then leave on hotplate for another 20 secs to melt.

    -      Cover sticky fatty meat balls with non stick Cooking/baking paper to stop meat sticking to the Press. Baking paper also keeps Press clean & Kosher between smashing different meats.
    -      You can also smash steaks on Grill Grates for deep grill marks.