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    We imported a bulk lot of famous U.S. Pitmaster Steph's SIMPLY MARVELOUS CHERRY RUB from the U.S. and bagged it in handy resealable ziplock bags to save space in your cupboard, and to reduce the growing number of throwaway Shakers in Australian landfills.

    SIMPLY MARVELOUS CHERRY RUB is made from 100% U.S. ingredients including pure dried Cherry Powder, it has a sweet and savoury aromatic slightly sweet flavour that enhances the natural flavours of any meat, and gives meat a pop of sweetness while providing your meat with great Cherry colour.

    This is a sweet rub that top BBQ teams can count on to produce award-winning flavour. It’s versatility allows you to enhance the taste of all your food whether if it's competition BBQ, backyard BBQ or for everyday kitchen cooking. 

    It is especially great when shaken generously on Pork Ribs, Beef Ribs, Pulled Pork, Seafood, and Chicken. 
    No MSG All Natural.
    Contains: Brown Sugar, Salt, Dehydrated Cherry Powder, Spices, Dehydrated Garlic, Paprika, Onion Powder, and no more than 1% tricalcium phosphate added to prevent caking.