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  • SALT ISLAND KOSHER SALT - Pure Australian Made Kosher Salt 3kg @ $6/kg Certified. For combined shipping.


    SALT ISLAND KOSHER SALT - Pure Australian Made Kosher Salt 3kg for $18. 3kg=11 Cups.
    3kg shipping weight for combined weight based orders, if you just want this Product, select other ad for cheaper flat rate individual postage in a small $9.90 flat rate Aus Post satchel
     to any Postcode.
    KOSHER AUSTRALIA Certified Kosher Salt. 

    Made & Packaged in Australia: resealable standup ziploc bag. 
    KOSHER Salt must satisfy 3 requirements:
    1) Pure Natural Salt with no additives or preservatives.
    2) Medium size Flossy Crystal size, so not all melts when rubbed onto meats.
    3) Certified by National Kosher Authority.

    Others charge 2 to 3 times our price, but we are the cheapest as we buy straight from the Manufacturer, by the ton! 
    eg. The U.S. STAR OF DAVID KOSHER SALT costs $14.95 for 1.12kg !

    SALT ISLAND Ocean Salt is carried and deposited onto a Qld Salt Island by salty white capped waves, it is a pure Kosher certified product with the medium Flossy crystal size required for dry curing, or Koshering ie. rubbing onto meats to cure, preserve, and to draw out blood. It can also be dissolved into liquid Brines & Pickling juices, or used in Baking. Place some in a small bowl on the table to add a Pinch of tasty salt to your Soups or Meals. Vegan. Gluten Free. Pure & Natural. 

    If making a SALT/PEPPER Rub, try our DALMATION RUB made from Cracked Pepper and Kosher Sea Salt Blossom Flakes.