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    SAFE SMOKE® LIQUID SMOKE POWDER CONCENTRATE 250g Made in Australia from U.S. Hickory Tree Wood. 
    We also offer MOIST SMOKE BOMB which is our Meat Hydration Marinade Injection that contains SAFE SMOKE POWDER. 

    Our LIQUID SMOKE POWDER is a SAFE SMOKE Powder that you can add to your Rubs, Marinades or Injections, as all Hazardous substances have been filtered out in the course of multiple filtration processes. The hot kiln generated wood smoke passes through water and is distilled and PURIFIED of Ash, Tar, and Carcinogenic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs).

    Natural Hickory Wood Liquid Smoke Powder is made from burning Hickory Wood! Add real natural, rich Hickory smoke flavour to any dish, making your food taste like it's spent hours in a smoker! Use it sparingly though, as a little goes a long way! You can now create smoked meats in an Electric Oven or Air Fryer! Or cook it in a BBQ or Smoker, for even more flavour. Liquid Smoke Powder contains natural antimicrobial meat preserving properties.

    Use a 5-10% ratio of LIQUID SMOKE POWDER to add smoke flavour to your Rubs, BBQ Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Injections, Marinades, Bacon Cures, Jerky, or create your own Smoked Salt, and Pepper. Suitable for vegetarian and vegan dishes. Add a little with salt to a bag of nuts and shake, for a tasty treat.

    Add a pinch of Liquid Smoke Powder to burger mince, sausages, soups, stuffing, casseroles, pizza dough, nuts, stir frys, gravy, and marinades. Shake it up in our 1ltr SHAKER BOTTLE to easily dissolve into liquids.

    Ingredients: Wood Smoke, Non-Allergenic Plant Fibre, Silicon Dioxide 551. No Preservatives Gluten Free.

    LIQUID SMOKE is used by the Farming industry: they spray LIQUID SMOKE dissolved in Water, on plants & trees to germinate the seeds, as it simulates the fast growth and recovery effect that happens after a Bushfire!