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    RED BOX CHERRY CHUNKS COMBO 1.5kg The Boss's favourite smoking woods for Pork.

    Why use RED BOX and CHERRY CHUNKS to smoke your food?

    Red Box wood provides tasty country flavour and gives a reddish colour to meats. It was a butcher’s trade secret to smoke his honey glazed red Holiday Hams. 

    Cherry Chunks add  sweet flavour. Smoke your own sweet red Ham & Spare Ribs with our unique Chunks Combo! Also great smoke marinade flavour for Snags, Sausages, Chicken, Seafood.

    Smoke food over the smoldering CHUNKS on charcoal, or wedged between gas burner & wall, or on gas diffuser plate or lava rocks. 

    Tip: Cover in our HOTnSMOKEY CAJUN for fantastic tasting black 'Bark' crust.

    Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that you have cooked enough for your BBQ guests, this may cause inebriated arguments over who gets the last piece of that fantastic smoked meat !