Aussie BBQ Smoking Wood Chips Sawdust Smoker Chunks Chemical free Lump Charcoal Pink Butcher Paper

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    We offer several types of locally made Australian pure chemical free natural LUMP CHARCOALS for Home & Restaurants. Use in Weber, Kamado Joe, Primo, Bullet, Offset Smoker. LownSlow or hot Grilling.

    You have now found where you can buy Pure Charcoal comprised 100% from cooked wood, no additives. Most Briquettes including Kingsford, contain various additives that can taint meats if not burned off, see Info Links: Amazing Ribs & WIKIPEDIA:- "Kingsford Charcoal is made from charred softwoods such as pine and spruce which is then mixed with ground coal and other ingredients"

    CASH PICKUP is available from our Carrum Downs Warehouse by appointment: 0431 210 997.
    To box a large 20kg bag up and send it by Courier to Metro postcodes costs $25ea. We can usually tuck extra Products ordered, into the cartons and refund the extra postage charged. A Red Gum carton has no extra room.

    - All Round great charcoal, best for open cooking as no ash to blow on meat, but needs air vents min half open. Not good for long LownSlow cook as cutting off air to slow the burn will make it go out, but that is also a feature as you can put it out and reuse it as it just gets smaller but can be reused and lit easily. If you have a Smartfire type fan heat controller, this coal will burn with minimal vents and is the best coal for a fan controller as there is no ash to blow around.
    - Best for BBQ Spit, Rotisseries, open BBQ's, as no ash. 

    20kg MALLEE ROOT $45 - Hot standard all-round charcoal.
    - Good for LownSlow. Sparks entertainingly at first when starting with our FIRE ROD Heat Gun as the fine red Mallee sand has absorbed into the wood, and explodes. Best to light with a Butane Blow Torch or Charcoal Chimney.

    20kg IRONBARK $45 LownSlow Charcoal. Limited supply.
    - Great LownSlow hot coal with 20% of the ash mess that Gidgee makes. Very HOT coal, use half the amount you normally use ie. 1 bag IRONBARK = 2 bags of most charcoals! Got the Kamado to 660F with vents open.
    - Mix it with Red Gum to temper the heat of Ironbark coal and to keep Red Gum going overnight.

    20kg GIDGEE $45 LownSlow Qld Charcoal. 
    - The original LownSlow Qld coal, is hot, can reach 700f and can go long period with vents 90% closed but leaves fine talc ash that can choke the pile over a long overnight cook. Mix it with Red Gum to lessen ash and keep Red Gum going overnight. GIDGEE is usually the best for an Offset, it has larger pieces and creates fine talc ash that will stay in the fire box away from meats.

    FOR A 10 HR COOK IN AN OFFSET: make a large mound of GIDGEE and start the base with our Fire Rod electric charcoal starter, then place a Smoker Log on each side close to the coals to smolder for several hours, replace once or twice through the cook. Once the coal is hot, restrict the air to slow down the burn for a long LownSlow session. Move Logs away if catching fire.
    An Apple Log, and an Ironbark or Red Gum Log is good for Brisket and Chicken. An Apple and a Cherry Log, or just 2 Cherry Logs is great for Pork, Sausages, sweet Chicken, Seafood.
    Apple Wood adds moisture to meats. Red Gum Wood on it's own dries beef and can oversmoke meats on a long cook.

    CASH PICKUP DEAL: 1 BAG each of IRONBARK & RED GUM CHARCOAL FOR $80. Combine 2 great Char grill flavours by mixing them together and stabilize the excessive heat of IRONBARK coal, and to keep Red Gum going LownSlow with restricted air. The Combo also works well for Hot Grilling with good airflow.

    Our pure Aussie Charcoals add good flavour to foods, not like the cheap smelly Indonesian Mangrove charcoal that is flooding the market as it can taint meats.  

    The ashless Red Gum is perfect for the new Heston's Everdure Fusion Charcoal BBQ as no mess to clean up. Customer Mark E. tested it in his patio Heston's Everdure Fusion BBQ and loved it: "Just fill it with the ashless Murrumbidgee River Red Gum Charcoal, push the electric Starter Fan button and let it go. It worked a charm, the heat spread very fast". Youtube demo of starting the Heston's BBQ

    Standard Heat Beads need to get white hot and ashed over till they are safe to cook on... how do you then add more later? Lump Charcoal is pure and can be safely used for top ups! Briquettes and Beads are usually formed from low quality Brown Coal cooked into Char, Corn Starch binder and Sodium Nitrate accelerant...nasty. Since Brown Coal doesn't get hot, Heat Beads add sand for heat, hence the sandy ash mess. Is a Sodium Nitrate Heat Bead Snake sequentially igniting under your meat all night, safe?

    Pile a mound of pure chemical free Lump Charcoal against one wall of a charcoal BBQ, touch the base with the tip of our new FIRE ROD electric charcoal starter, when red flames start after 30 secs, back up 6-8 inches until they are well lit. Focus on air blasting 1 red spot into the pile.

    Then place a Smoker Wood Chunk on each side against the flaming coals, but blow out and move them if they catch fire as no smoke in fire. If the Chunks catch fire when lid opened for turning meat, close lid and shut vents for 30 secs, then smoking resumes. Easy eh? 
    Don't spread coals out flat as that's how you put them out, they need to be clumped together. 
    After adding more Lump Charcoal on top later, blow it alight quickly with the FIRE ROD, like the bellows of a Blacksmith forge.