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    SPECIAL PASTRAMI COMBO RUB DEAL: 250g bulk bag of freshly CRACKED PEPPER and 250g of our GUNPOWDER RUB. Mix together to make a fantastic coating for Corned Silverside, which becomes Pastrami when cooked.

    The Cracked Pepper is from Vietnam and has a little heat. Gunpowder Rub contains Black Peppercorns, Himalayan Salt, and Activated Charcoal, all cold smoked for 2 days on Red Gum and Cherry Wood. Combine the 2 to make the best Pastrami coating you can imagine.

    Make your own Corned Beef Silverside with PRAGUE#1. Use it to Inject Girello, Silverside, or Brisket, then Brine it in same solution for 7 days.


    - Buy Corned Beef Silverside from Aldi, Tasman, etc.

    - Rinse off and submerge meat for 1 hr to remove the salty Brine.

    - Take out and slice off fat and silverside skin.

    - Mix MOIST MUSTARD BOMB with water in 1 to 6 ratio ie. 1 measure of powder to 6 measures water.

    - Inject meat thoroughly till it won't take any more.

    - Mix 1 part CHARCOAL GUNPOWDER RUB with 3 parts or more of CRACKED PEPPER in a large bowl.

    - Roll the injected Corned Beef in the Mix.

    - Place meat in BBQ Smoker and Smoke like a Brisket around 12 hrs at around 120C.

    - Wrap meat in PINK BUTCHER PAPER at 65C/150F internal meat temp, to prevent meat drying out and to continue Smoking.

    - Cook to 82C/180F internal meat temp and rest 1hr in another layer of Pink Butcher Paper or place a towel on top. Pastrami is best sliced and served cold the next day.

    - Slice very thin. Serve plain, or cover slices in Mustard or White Bechamel Sauce.

    Our Cambodian Black Pepper is called Kampot:

    Kampot Pepper is a unique pepper from Cambodia with origins tracing back to the Kingdom of Angkor in the 13th century. The pepper berry is picked once it's reached full maturity and turned a bright red colour.

    Kampot Pepper is produced by drying the red pepper berries in the Kampot sun until they turn a deep black colour. This rare and unique pepper is a true delicacy and one of the highest quality peppers in the world.

    Kampot Black Peppercorns are highly aromatic with a fruity nose. It has a clean, slow-building heat and its peppery flavour lingers in the mouth with floral, clove and eucalyptus notes. This versatile pepper can be used to add a fruity, peppery flavour to many dishes. You'll be amazed by the wonderful and bold flavour this little berry can add to your dishes.