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    Pink Butcher Paper Uses:
     • ‘Insulating Wrap’ to protect and crank up internal temp of Meats, while continuing to Smoke and keep
        the crusty Bark dry!
     • Wrap delicate Fish, Oysters, Seafood, Veggies, Bacon, Beef Fatty Rolls, Burgers, to Smoke it all safe
       and securely through the paper!
     • Wrap raw or cooked meat for storage in the Fridge.
     • Cut for sturdy Restaurant tray liners, will not soften up & stick to meats and be eaten by Customers.
     • Make paper spirals to serve Hot Chips & Onion Rings.
     • Line Chip & Seafood Baskets. 
     • Use as trendy hygienic tablecloth and eat food safely directly off it.

    Professionals and amateurs alike love to use pink butcher paper to wrap meat while it cooks or smokes. While this fantastic method of producing mouth-watering barbecue was initially popularized by famous Austin, Texas pitmaster Aaron Franklin on his numerous online broadcasts and discussions, it’s actually been used for years by pitmasters across the country. A properly wrapped beef brisket, for instance, can be cooked low and slow to the perfect interior consistency while maintaining a gorgeous “bark” on the outside that renders sauce completely unnecessary.
    While large commercial operations like Franklin’s Barbecue in Austin generally rely on 1,000 foot Rolls of pink butcher paper to satisfy their demand, smaller 150-foot Pink Butcher Paper rolls are perfect for the at-home chef wanting the same authentic barbecue experience. In addition, conveniently sized individual 24"x24" Pink Butcher Paper sheets or 24"x36" Pink Butcher Paper sheets have become extremely popular for the average backyard pitmaster who may only do a handful of briskets a year.