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  • MOIST SMOKE BOMB® INJECTION BRINE Bulk PHOSPHATES 1kg HICKORY FLAVOUR. Inject or Brine Pure SAFE SMOKE® Smokey Flavour INSIDE your meats and make them Juicy and Succulent. You can now cook smoked meats in an Oven!

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    MOIST SMOKE BOMB® INJECTION & BRINE 1kg HICKORY FLAVOUR. Inject Real Natural Smoke Flavour INSIDE Meat Chunks, or BRINE Chicken, & Ribs to Make Smokey Succulent Juicy Meats! It's smokey moisture magic for all meats, and vegetables, it makes any meat smokey from the INSIDE, and makes them moist, juicy and succulent. Cook in an Electric Oven, or BBQ Smoke for double smoke flavour.

    This is a Combination of our MOIST MEAT BOMB® with our new Chemical Free Pure SAFE SMOKE® LIQUID SMOKE POWDER:HICKORY WOOD All ingredients including Seaweed extract, Herbs & Spices are finely ground into a powder that easily dissolves and will come out thin brining injector needles. It boosts the flavour of meat juices with natural herbs & spices, and prevents the meat from drying out during a long cook.

    Brine/submerge Ribs, Chicken Breasts, or small chunks of meat in a container or a bag, and INJECT into larger meats, to add instant Pure Chemical Free Wood flavour, and Boost the natural meat flavours, and Hydrate & Moisten LownSlow smoked meats so they don't dry out in a long cook.
    The smokey meats created in an Electric Oven are Light, Pleasant tasting, easy to digest, with no nasty smoke side affects at night.
    Optionally add 1-5 of our 3 kg Standup Pouch Briner Bags in Dropdown Menu.
    Make smokey juicy Shish Kebabs by cubing any meat and submerge/brining overnight, then cover with SOUVLAKI SEASONING and put on skewers, then grill them on charcoal. 

    RATIO for a Mild Smoke Flavour:
    1/4 cup(60g) Moist Smoke Bomb with 2 cups water or your favourite marinade. (ie. 1 to 8 ratio of any container).
    - 500g Bag=10 serves of 1/4cup.                                                                

    RATIO for Good Smoke Flavour:  
    - 1/3 cup(70g) Moist Smoke Bomb with 2 cups water 
    or your favourite marinade. (ie. 1 to 6 ratio of any container).
    - 500g Bag=7 serves of 1/4cup. 

    Shake up Moist Smoke Bomb with 2 cups water. 
    The Liquid Smoke Powder can settle a little at the bottom of the Shaker if you leave it too long, inject or Brine it straight away. 

    You can now create Moist Smoked Meats in your Electric Oven or Air Frier without using a BBQ Smoker! Apartments with no BBQ Balcony can now create smoked meats! Slice up Smokey brined meat strips into a Stir Fry! Brine Potatoes, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots….. Vegetarians can now enjoy Smoked Veggies.

    Brining Pork or Beef Ribs for 24hrs bloats them with 20% moisture increase and cuts your cooking time. Smoke brined Pork Ribs in just 3-4 hrs, Beef Ribs take a little longer.

    Analysis: The natural Smoke flavour, phosphate mineral salts, and seaweed extract absorb into the meat to expand and pull apart and tenderise meat muscle fibres, which allows marinade liquid to enter and be held captive. The Meat Bomb flavouring is comprised of Herbs, Spices, Yeast extract, Sugar, Vegetable Proteins, Celery, and Seaweed extract, this all amplifies the natural meat flavours. It's all natural and tasty!  This Smoking Style provides a light easily digested smoke flavour, with no bad aftertaste or gassy side effects!

    Especially good for softening and adding moisture to lean dry Game Meats like Venison and Roo!

    - Inject Chunks of Beef, Pork, or Venison, then shake Rubs on and put straight into Smoker. If not smoking the Injected Meats, maybe store in a bag or container overnight for maximum smoke infusion, then simply cook it in the Oven or Air Fryer.
    - Brine/submerge Chooks, or Chicken pieces and Breasts overnight in Fridge.
    - Brine a Turkey in a plastic bag sitting in a bucket for 24hrs in Fridge.
    - Brine Pork or Beef Ribs, or Venison Schnitzels for 24hrs.

    INGREDIENTS: Combination of SAFE SMOKE® Liquid Smoke Powder Concentrate with our MOIST Meat Bomb® Hydration Salts (450,451,452), Dextrose, Salt, anti caking mineral salt(508), Sugar, Vegetable Gum, Maize, Yeast Extract, Herbs & Spices, Seaweed extract. No Preservatives No Gluten.  

    - See attached pic for full story of the patented Process.
    Hazardous substances are filtered out in the course of multiple filter processes, the hot kiln generated wood smoke passes through water and is Distilled and PURIFIED of Ash, Tar, and Carcinogenic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs). 

    See how you can brine Chicken Breasts 24hrs in MOIST SMOKE BOMB 1/3 cup to 2 cups water, then simply cook in an electric oven to create tasty Moist Smoked Chicken. Cook at 180c for 45-60 mins to internal temp 75-80C. We combined MOIST MEAT BOMB Hydration Brine with our Safe Smoke Liquid Smoke Powder so you can brine Chicken Fillets 24hrs then simply cook them in an Electric Oven and enjoy Smoked Chicken like it came out of a BBQ Smoker!

    See our Injected Double Smoked Brisket video: