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  • MOIST MUSTARD BOMB 500g. Inject moisture & explosive tasty flavours into Corned Beef for Pastrami, or into festive Pork/Hams, Great Chicken & Turkey Soak Brine.


    MOIST MUSTARD BOMB - Inject into meats to add sweet Mustard, Clove and Garlic flavour and to Hydrate & Moisten Corned Beef, Pastrami, Roast Beef, Pork, Ham, Chicken, Turkey, Venison. Ratio: Shake 1/3 cup(70g) with 2 cups water.

    We combined our popular MOIST MEAT BOMB with Mustard powder, Garlic, Clove powder, and Dark Brown Sugar. It adds festive flavours and boosts the natural taste of meats and prevents them drying out during a long cook.

    The natural phosphate mineral salts in MUSTARD BOMB absorb into the meat and expand and pull apart meat muscle fibres which then allow marinade liquid to enter and be held captive. Brine Chicken 2-4hrs to add sweet Moist flavour.  

    - Buy Corned Beef Silverside from Aldi, Tasman, etc.
    - Rinse off and submerge meat for 1 hr to remove the salty Brine. 
    ​- Take out and slice off fat and silverside skin.
    - Mix MOIST MUSTARD BOMB with water in 1 to 6 ratio ie. 1 measure of powder to 6 measures water. 
    - Inject meat thoroughly till it won't take any more.
    - Mix 1 part ACTIVATED CHARCOAL GUNPOWDER RUB with 3 parts or more of CRACKED PEPPER in a large bowl. 

    - Roll the injected Corned Beef in the Mix.
    - Place meat in BBQ Smoker and Smoke like a Brisket around 12 hrs at around 120C.
    - Wrap meat in
    PINK BUTCHER PAPER at 65C/150F internal meat temp, to prevent meat drying out and to continue Smoking.
    - Cook to 82C/180F internal meat temp and rest 1hr in another layer of Pink Butcher Paper or place a towel on top. Pastrami is best sliced and served cold the next day.
    - Slice very thin. Serve plain, or cover slices in Mustard or White Bechamel Sauce.