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    MOIST® MEAT CURE - Cure and create succulent juicy meats. MEAT CURE is a combination of our MOIST® moisture binding Hydration Mineral Salts, Prague #1 Pink Curing Salt, Dextrose(Glucose) and Anti Oxidants. DIY MEAT CURE.  Use 1 tbsp MOIST® MEAT CURE to 5 cups water. 

    Makes cured low extension Meat Products, Corned Beef, Bacon, Jerky, and Ham as it contains nitrites and colour enhancer. This is what gives bacon and ham that “pickled” flavour and colour.
    Brine Pork Belly into Bacon, or turn Pork into Ham with the same Brining solution used commercially by Australian Ham, Bacon and Smallgoods factories. Cures all meats.
    Brine Beef strips overnight, then smoke or bake in low heat to create tender soft tasty Jerky. Sprinkle with

    METHOD: Dissolve MOIST® MEAT CURE in cool water before adding salt. Use our 1ltr SHAKER WITH AGITATOR BALL to easily blend all ingredients. Try our Smoked Salts in the Brine for a smokey flavour. Soak Pork Belly in Brine at 4C or below, for 7 days ensuring meat is fully submerged Use our STANDUP FRIDGE BRINER BAGS or ZIPLOCK BRINER BAGS, or Huge 34" high Briner Bag for a full Lamb or Pig.

    Cut larger pieces smaller or you will need to inject them to ensure thorough Brine absorption. If curing whole pork leg, inject around the bone and inject larger pieces of meat in multiple adjustable squirts with our INJECTOR GUN.  
    Hang briefly to dry out, then smoke it. 

    Food grade Hydration Salts are used in meat products for several reasons such as changing and/or stabilizing of pH value, increasing water holding capacity, decreasing losses of weight in cooking, improving texture, tenderness, juiciness, colour and flavour. In addition, phosphates in meat products are a valuable source of dietary phosphorus which is an essential mineral for a healthy body. More curing info: Prague #1.