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MHS Award Winning HOP SMOKED JALAPENO Hot Burger Sauce 150ml


Hop Smoked Jalapeno Hot Burger Sauce 150ml Medium 2 out of 3 Chilli Heat ranking.
Melbourne Hot Sauce & Wolf of the Willows Brewery & St Kilda Burger Bar collaboration.

Ingredients: Jalapeno smoked over Galaxy hops & Cherry wood, Cider Vinegar, XPA beer (contains gluten) , Tomato, Lemon, Sugar, Salt, Rosemary.

8 months of R&D have resulted in a perfectly balanced Beer based Red Jalapeno Hot Sauce. The Jalapeno are smoked for 6 hours over Galaxy Hops & locally sourced Cherry wood producing a unique complex smokey flavour. The addition of extra pale ale from Melbourne based Wolf of the Willows adds a whole new layer of depth which is balanced out by Tasmanian Cider Vinegar & Victorian grown Tomato & Rosemary.

MHS x Wolf of the Willows x Collab edition Hot Sauce
Gold medal 2017 Australian Food Awards
Gold medal 2018 Australian Food Awards
Bronze Medal 2019 Australian Food Awards
1st place 2016 Australia & NZ Mr Chilli Awards
2nd place 2018 Australia & NZ Mr Chilli Awards
3rd place 2020 Australia & NZ Mr Chilli Awards

With help from the team at St Kilda Burger Bar this sauce has been specifically designed to complement your favourite burger. Great addition for all meats and vegetables that are in need of a unique smokey flavour. Perfect as a table sauce or addition to marinades, dressings, sauces & emulsions.

Vegan friendly. Hand crafted with all natural ingredients in Melbourne, Australia. We only use high quality natural ingredients with no added preservatives, additives, fillers, extracts, MSG or thickeners.