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  • MHS Award Winning HABANERO ROJA HOT SAUCE 150ml


    MELBOURNE HOT SAUCE Habanero Roja 150ml Hot. 3 out of 3 Chilli Heat level ranking.
    Ingredients: Smoked Habanero Chilli's, Ginger, Lemon juice, Vinegar, Salt, Sugar.
    Gold Medal 2017 Australian Food Awards
    1st place 2017 Australia & NZ Mr Chilli Awards
    2nd place 2016 Australia & NZ Mr Chilli Awards

    Heat, with flavour! This is the most popular hotter variety of sauce and a great addition to any food that needs that extra kick. Especially good on eggs and in a Bloody Mary for breakfast.

    Gluten & dairy free. Vegan friendly. Hand crafted small batch hot sauce made with all natural ingredients in Melbourne, Australia

    MELBOURNE HOT SAUCE only use high quality natural ingredients with no added preservatives, additives, fillers, extracts or thickeners.