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    Our modified Spitjack Magnum Injector Guns are now available.
    We had a Stainless Steel version made, and changed the 2 fat long needles to special thinner 13 gauge Comp Grade Needles. Kosmo of Kosmos Q uses this same Injector Gun.

    When designing this Injection Kit, Kosmo suggested that 13 gauge needles work best as no streaking in the meat slices for the Judges, and smaller holes reduce meats drying out. Inject a big chunk of meat easily and quickly, the multiple squirts are adjustable from 1-5cc.

    This professional BBQ Competition hand held pistol grip gun design is much easier to use than traditional Syringe Injectors. Regulate the flow of marinade or seasoning mix by turning Adjuster Dial, you can easily do fast multiple 5cc squirts. $70 + GST. Weighs 500g. Use a quality injection powder mix like KOSMO'S SMOKE HOUSE RESERVE BLEND BRISKET INJECTION

    PREMIUM QUALITY & DURABILITY- FDA approved materials. Dishwasher safe. Ours is the same but much cheaper than the expensive 2 Needle Spitjack Magnum Meat Injector Gun that sells for over $200, but we supply 4 Needles that we selected. See the expensive Spitjack Magnum on ebay! We changed the 2 big fat needles for 2 longer Professional BBQ Comp grade 13 gauge needles.
    N.B. The plunger rod is packed with the seal loose, to tighten the rubber seal in the tube, pull back the long shaft and hold it at the end with the left hand and twist the round end clockwise with the right hand until the rod turns and squishes the rubber seal at the end fatter.

    - 1 x 6 inch 13 gauge needle with 6 small holes for liquids, 3 on each side. 
    - 1 x 6 inch 13 gauge needle with a large hole for injecting marinades with herbs, spices, or Gunpowder.
    - 1 x 3 inch needle with 2 small holes for injecting Chicken and smaller meats.
    - 1 x 3 inch needle with 2 larger holes
    for injecting Chicken and smaller meats.

    Kosmo recommends using long 13 gauge needles for Brisket, as larger holes in the meat can cause streaking and can cause juices to drain out and dry the meat, so we replaced the standard 2 big fat needles with 2 long 13 gauge size.

    FIVE FLOW SETTINGS - Deliver accurate and precise amounts of marinade EVERY TIME by changing the knob setting.
    50ml LARGE CAPACITY BARREL with measurement markings and 'see through' for accurate injections.

    See Kosmo use this great Injector in the below video. He doesn't sell this fine Injector anymore but we do!
    Kosmo explains why he uses Reverse Osmosis pure water in his Injections: "Because if you use bottled or tap water the chemicals they add can screw up the PH and cause staining."

    We will soon offer our logo 1ltr Injection 'Protein' Shaker Bottles with stainless steel wire agitator ball, and can provide them filled with pure 0 Parts Per Million Reverse Osmosis Water from our large Filter System at the Factory for an extra $1.

    Injector Refill Technique:
    The problem everyone has with injectors is filling them. Most of us mix the injection and stick the needle into it and suck it up. But the position of the holes in the needle insures you don't get it all.
    Mix the injection fluid and pour it into a plastic water bottle and twist cap on, then take a lighter, heat up the end of the injector needle, and slide it through the cap of the water bottle. Pull the plunger on the injector all the way back so the injector extracts air out of the bottle and is filled with air. Put a piece of electrical tape over the hole and poke the needle through the tape into the hole. The tape acts like a gasket. Push the plunger down injecting air into the bottle. This pressurizes the bottle slightly and counteracts the vacuum effect making it much easier to withdraw liquid. Now turn it upside down, and withdraw the liquid, just like the nurse did when she gave you your flu shot. This bit of cleverness lets you pull all the fluid out.