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    LUMBERJACK SWEETWOOD BLEND (MBC) 1/3 Maple 1/3 Beech 1/3 Cherry ($49.99+gst=$54.99)

    Pickup is preferred as these heavy bags are difficult to ship. We offer delivery at $13.20/bag Flat Rate to Metro Postcodes, non metro will be extra.

    Mild sweet combination of 3 sweet woods, producing a phenomenal flavor. No oils, fillers, binders or artificial ingredients!  

    Suitable for all Pellet Smokers eg. YODER – TRAEGER - GMG GREEN MOUNTAIN GRILLS - PIT BOSS - LOUISIANA GRILL - FORNETTO. A much better deal than the small expensive 20lb 9kg bags!

    Pellet Smokers are known to lack smokey flavour in their meats as they primarily burn Pellets for heat, with little smoke produced, that famous Thin Blue Smoke is just heat, flavoursome smoke is actually White, but we have a Solution, place a LUMBERJACK WEDGIE full of Pellets, on the top back corner of your Pellet Grill to add extra smokey flavour, start the front corner with our FIRE ROD, or a gas burner. A SMOKING BARREL adds 6 hrs of extra smoke.
    For extra natural wood smoke flavour, sit a couple Wood Chunks under the grill, on top of the hot curved steel heat shield, or put Chips along the top sides of it. Chunks will smolder for hours.


    N.B. It is illegal for a BBQ Pellet Smoker Manufacturer to state that your Warranty is void unless you use their Pellets or a specific brand of Pellets, that's like a Toyota Dealer saying you can only use Caltex petrol, but it is not illegal for him to put that sticker on your Smoker!  See Links below for proof:-

    Pelletheads Forum: Do You Have To Use Traeger Brand Pellets in a Traeger Grill? No!!

    Lumber Jack Pellets Review - BETTER HOMESTEADING

    Lumberjack Pellets use a smaller diameter Pellet which prevents auger jams, creating less stress on your smoker’s auger. Moreover, a smaller pellet diameter leaves a larger surface area for the auger veins. Thus more pellets can fit on each vein allowing higher temperatures. This is because with each turn of the auger, more pellets can be pushed through the veins.

    By having a smaller diameter, pellets will also burn much cleaner. As many Pitmasters have stated, Lumberjack pellets leave lower volumes of ash in your smoker’s pot than most pellets that contain bark. This can be attributed to the higher temperatures achieved when burning.