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    Long Portable Blow Torch / Blowtorch with self ignition and adjustable flame, it lights in a second! Use to light a cold smoker, charcoal, campfires, home log fire, chefs can even use it in the kitchen. It simply twists on to a camping stove butane cartridge. The cans are available at all Bunnings in 4 packs for around $4, and in most camping stores. 

    This Cyclone Blow Torch is better quality & longer than our standard Blowtorch, and has a tighter stronger flame. The piezo lighting mechanism is set back farther in the tube to prevent melting. 

    Twist the gas knob slightly, to turn on gas, fire the trigger, then twist to increase flame. Wait 1 minute to stabilize flame gas pressure before tilting to light charcoal or wood fire, it's best not to tilt more than a 45 degree angle to prevent excessive air and fireball.. 

    - Material: Stainless Steel + plastic
    - Dimensions: 20cm x 6cm x 5.0cm.
    - Maximum flame temperature: 1300'C (adjustable)- Auto-igniting piezo ignition
    - Consumption: 50~140g / hour
    - Easy to replace butane cylinder in 2 seconds
    - Lighting BBQ's and fires
    - Thawing frozen water pipes
    - Hobby and craftwork model making
    - Soldering pipe joints
    - Paint stripping
    - For cooking and catering-flambein, caramelizing, browning, adding color and texture to food, blistering and skinning, finishing foods for presentation.