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  • LARGE BLACK NITRILE GLOVES 100 Box Micro textured powder free Extra Strong 6ml/.06mm BBQ CATERING RESTAURANT TATTOO PIERCING


    LARGE BLACK NITRILE GLOVES Designed and made for Aussies! If you liked BLACK SHIELD Gloves before they got expensive, you will LOVE our 100 Glove Box of 6mil Powder Free micro textured non slip Extra Strong Gloves. Available in 2 Cuff lengths.

    Select via Drop Down Menu:
    1) Standard length Cuff Black Nitrile Gloves. $18+gst.
        Box Specs: 250x124x65mm. Weight 0.7kg. 
    2) Long Cuff 6-7mil Top Quality Gloves Made in Thailand!
     They are Polymer/Teflon outer coated to easily pull out of the box. $20+gst
        Box Specs: 280x124x80mm. Weight 1kg. This is the largest heaviest Box of Black Nitrile Gloves available! Wash off and re-use them.

    If ordered separately, it will be sent in a $9.90 Aus Post Satchel, otherwise buy for combined weight based postage.

    Great for handling Beef Briskets, and for shredding Pulled Pork. New thin-nitrile technology reduces hand fatigue and provides a close fit for increased tactile sensitivity, with textured fingers for increased grip.

    TIP: Wear our POLYESTER COTTON THERMAL INNER GLOVES in XL Gloves to easily slide in and out of XL Gloves, and to protect hands from hot pulled pork action, and from the cold hand mixing of sausage meats. We also offer BULK 12 PAIR INNER GLOVES

    - Textured Fingers on both sides for extra grip, ambidextrous no left or right hands.
    - Non Latex allergy free Nitrile.
    - Beaded Standard or Extra Long snug cuff stops liquid getting in.
    - Food Handling Gloves.
    - Micro textured for wet and dry grip.
    - Amazing dexterity and feeling.
    - New Low Sweat Technology for extended use.
    - High Puncture Resistance.
    - Chemical Resistance to incidental splashes.
    - Made from 100% Nitrile.
    - Powder Free, Odour Free.
    - Super-Comfortable for extended periods of wear.

    GOOGLE: What does 6 mil gloves mean?
    Glove thickness is usually given in the unit mils, which is equal to one one-thousandth of an inch; therefore, a glove that is 6mil or 6ml, is 0.06 inches thick.