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  • LARGE #5 ZIPLOC BRINER BAG. Can Brine a 7kg Turkey!


    Commercial Grade heavy duty 50um / .05mm Food Grade ziplock bag. $3ea+gst.
    Tired of trying to keep brining meats submerged? This is your answer, it's easy to squeeze the air out of a bag.

    Xlarge Bag:  15 x 20" / 380mm x 510mm. Holds 15 ltrs of water. 

    To hydrate Meats to make them juicy, Brine submerge meats up to 2" thick in 1/3 cup MOIST MEAT BOMB and 2 cups water (1:6 ratio). A rack of Beef or Pork Ribs soaked overnight in MOIST MEAT BOMB would win a BBQ Comp as they become juicy and succulent, and the natural flavour is boosted. Plump Brined Pork Ribs cook to 95C in 4hrs, Beef Ribs take another 1 or 2hrs to get to 92C.

    Use MOIST MEAT BOMB as a 4hr Chicken Soak for Wings, Drumsticks, Breasts or Whole Chooks.
    Brine a large Turkey overnight in 2 cups
    MOIST MEAT BOMB and 2 ltrs water (1:6 ratio) for tender soft Moist juicy Turkey meat.