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    KOSMO aka Darian D Khosravi CEO of Kosmo's Q Inc. He loves sharing his knowledge with Keyboard Cooks ! The world's leader in high quality BBQ Sauces, Rubs and Injections. Kosmo lives in Tuttle, Oklahoma USA.

    BBQ brings people together no matter the weather. Kosmo's Q started as a passion project to encourage people to spend more time with friends and family. We sold our first product, The Original Beef Brisket, Injection out of a linen cabinet. Today we ship over 30 different products to grill masters and fans around the world. We have nearly doubled in size in the 12mths after our products brought home the 2015 World Steak Championship and the 2015 World BBQ Championship.

    A Kosmic Passion - OKLAHOMA MAGAZINE ARTICLE 2017

    Darian “Kosmo” Khosravi started working at a barbecue pit when he was 13 and hasn’t slowed since. The Tuttle resident entered his first barbecue competition in 2003 by using store-bought rubs and spices that didn’t suit his taste.

    “I found out quickly that most of the flavors I was looking for, no one made,” Khosravi says. “So I started dabbling in it and started making my own, then some guys told me I ought to sell them. So we started in 2009, and it keeps growing and growing and keeps getting bigger.”

    Today, Kosmo’s Q ships its products across the United States, as well as to Canada and Mexico. The company also has dealers in the United Kingdom and Australia. Khosravi himself stays busy by attending more than 30 competitions a year and has won multiple grand and reserve grand championships.

    With all that experience, Khosravi has cooked everything on the grill from steak and seafood to an entire chicken-fried steak meal, including mashed potatoes and gravy. One of his favorite items to cook is something you’ll find on many grills across Oklahoma this summer: cheeseburgers.

    “I like to mix a little bit of ground up pork in my hamburger meat,” he says. “I actually like to do hot sausage, so I’ll cut two pounds of hamburger meat to a pound of hot breakfast sausage. It just adds a different level of flavor that explodes, and it keeps the burger juicy because the pork has a higher fat content.”

    For beginning grillers, Khosravi recommends learning to cook the meat correctly, and a key element is temperature. Always carry a meat thermometer, he says.

    “I know some of the best chefs in the world, and they all carry a thermometer,” he says.

    The smoke flavour from a charcoal grill is a must for many backyard cooks.