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    IBT-6X Smart Wireless BBQ Bluetooth Thermometer INCLUDES FREE INSTANT READ PROBE!

    Grill Like A Pro. Use Probes to monitor BBQ cooking temps and internal meat temps.

    We are proud to be offer this fantastic Budget priced Maverick style 6 Probe BBQ Smoker Smart Thermometer that connects to your mob via bluetooth. Android phones need to have GPS on to synch it.

    It is designed to make your cooking easy. You can set the thermometer to the temperatures of your choice and keep track of the real time temperatures from your smartphone. Requires 2 AAA batteries.

    If unit not used for a long period, it may not power up, to fix:
    remove batteries, press and hold the On button for 10 secs to reset the power, then return the batteries.
    It will now start up. Best to remove batteries if not using for a while.

    Online:$90+GST+$8 Postage if ordered separately. or 440g shipping weight if bundled in an Order.

    Issues Alerts when cooking Temps are reached. View graphs to easily spot the ‘Stall’ of the ascending Temp, at which point you can wrap your meat in our Pink Butcher Paper to break the ‘Stall’ and crank up the internal meat Temp.

    We ship from Melb or you can pick up from our Carrum Downs Warehouse, sms or email us with your pickup order of our Products.

    Wireless digital thermometer for cooking, grilling, BBQ, oven, meat, boiling and more! eg. Use as Candy thermometer, take Oral Temp to check for fever, Beer Vat Temp, Spa Temp..

    Works With:

    - iPhone 4S or later

    - iPad 3rd generation and later

    - iPad mini and later

    - iPod touch 5th generation and later

    - Requires iOS 7+

    - Android 4.4+ devices with bluetooth 4.0 module

    Search 'BBQ GO' and free download the app for IBT-6X in App Store or Google Play.

    BBQ Go App is your best cooking helper!
    Simply plug the probe into the food, and choose the food type and the degree of doneness in the app, BBQ GO will do the rest. It will alarm on the device and your phone when the food is ready.

    Easy to use

    Transmitting distance is over 150 feet. Just have a great time with your family or friends, don't worry about your barbecue.​

    - The range can be doubled by placing a mirror behind the Controller to amplify the signal to your mob. 

    IBT-6X is a new smart cooking thermometer that connects to your app via bluetooth. It is designed to make your cooking easy and convenient. You can set  the thermometer to the temperature of your choice and keeping precise track of the temperature from your smartphone. This product comes with two food-grade, stainless steel probes, provide you the real time and best dishes.

    Main features​

    • Six sockets and can support up to six durable stainless steel probes which are included. You don’t have to plug in all 6 Probes.
    • 3 BBQ clips for tracking ambient hot spots are included, they clip between the grill bars.
    • Ergonomic, lightweight and compact Bluetooth wireless thermometer for convenient use.
    • LED display screen and temperature graph. 
    • Free app to perfectly match your smartphones or iPhones.
    • Wireless digital thermometer for cooking, grilling, BBQ, oven, meat, boiling and more! 
    • Electronic thermometer backed by a 12-month warranty!