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    Available late May

    Professional BBQ Competition logo 1ltr Shaker Bottle with stainless steel agitator mixer ball to easily blend Injector or Protein Powders with liquids. 11 x 26cm tall. Clear plastic with black lid and flap.

    We designed this 1 ltr Bottle to easily blend the standard 2 cups/0.48ltr liquid beef broth, distilled water, etc. with 1/3 cup/0.08ltr Injector Powder, this leaves over 40% air space to bounce that crazy mixer ball around to shatter all ingredients and powder lumps into a fine liquid suitable to Inject into meats.

    Store the Bottle of unused Injector mix in the Fridge or freeze it for next time.

    Great for blending Protein Powders, Pancake Mix, or mixing eggs & milk into a bubbly frothy scrambled egg mix. The Boss makes light fluffy Soufflé scrambled eggs with the Shaker: Mix 3 eggs and milk with a little of our GUNPOWDER RUB, then put in sealed microwave tub with pressure valve and cook for 3-4 minutes. Fantastic black fluffy Soufflé eggs!

    PREMIUM QUALITY & DURABILITY- FDA approved materials. Dishwasher safe.  

    N.B. If you have low quality or alkaline water, buy a 5ltr cask of PUREAU WATER from the Supermarket as it's the purest water on the market at 0 parts per million, our TDS gauge verified it is 0ppm.