Aussie BBQ Smoking Wood Chips Sawdust Smoker Chunks Chemical free Lump Charcoal Pink Butcher Paper

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    Professional BBQ Competition grade logo large 1.25ltr Shaker Bottle with stainless steel agitator mixer ball to easily blend Injector or Protein Powders with liquids or as a Cocktail Shaker. 11 x 26cm tall. Clear plastic with black lid and tight sealing flap and a flip up carry handle. This large shaker is twice the height of a soft drink can. Full Details: 1.25ltr SHAKER BOTTLE.   

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    MOIST® JUST ADD WATER. 200g Bag. Experience the Magic of making your meats succulent and tender by brining and/or injecting the same Injection solution used commercially by Australian Butchers, Ham, and Smallgood companies. 

    Full Details: MOIST 200G BAG
    This Product is not normally available to the Public, but we negotiated a deal with the Australian Manufacturer so we could make it available to us BBQ'rs. This Professional Blend of 3 Hydration Salts breaks down connective tissues and raises the PH so Marinade liquids are retained in your BBQ Meats during long LownSlow cooks.
    We injected 1 cup MOIST into a 3.4kg Pork Shoulder for Pulled Pork, resulting in a juicy 78.4% Moisture Content!