Aussie BBQ Smoking Wood Chips Sawdust Smoker Chunks Chemical free Lump Charcoal Pink Butcher Paper

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    Nothing says "heaven on earth" quite like tender pork ribs and loins, and nothing makes them tender like a premium injection. Using a special home blend of all-natural salts and spices primed for maximum moisture retention, combined with the smoky sweetness of brown sugar and top-quality pork stock, brace yourself for an pulled pork injection that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "fall-off-the-bone." Perfected by a competition Pit-Master, FOR competition Pit-Masters, there aren't many other clear-cut ways to secure your throne as Ruler of the Grill. You know your ribs are headed in the right direction when you choose to use Kosmo's Q Pork Injection!
    We are clearing these at 1/2 price as they are close or past 'Best By' date, although they will still be good to use for a year after that.

    • World Championship Injections
    • Enough for 6-8 Pork Butts
    • Perfect for Butts or Ribs
    • MSG & Gluten Free
    • Enhances Flavor & Moisture
    • Mixes in seconds
    • Made In America
    • No Clumping or Caking
    • Mixes well with Spices
    • Mix with water, broths, fruit juices etc.
    MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: Mix 1/3 cup of product to 1.5 cups liquid: Apple juice, Apricot or Peach nectar, distilled water, or whatever liquid you prefer, adjust to personal taste as needed. Injects approx 3.2kg/7lbs of pork. Use our 1.25ltr SHAKER WITH AGITATOR BALL to easily blend all ingredients.