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    Kosmo's Q Moisture Magic Competition BBQ Phosphates will help create perfectly moist beef, pork, chicken and fish every time you cook. Simply add to water, juice or whatever injection you are using. MSG & Gluten Free.
    Kosmo's custom blend of Tripolyphosphate's are composed of a powerful anti-coagulant and emulsifier, this injection can be used in literally any protein worth grilling, to hold in the natural juices and protect your meat from drying out. Perfect for mixing with your own personal marinades.
    Use our 1.25ltr SHAKER WITH AGITATOR BALL to easily blend all ingredients. Inject in adjustable squirts with our INJECTOR GUN.

    • For World Championship Injection Blends
    • Re-Sealable Bag
    • Perfect for Beef, Pork, Chicken, Fish
    • Enhances Moisture
    • Made In America
    • No Clumping or Caking
    • Mixes well with Spices
    • Mix with water, broths, fruit juices etc.

    Injecting or Brining: 
    Mix 1/8 of Moisture Magic to 1 cup of good water.   

    N.B. If you have low quality or alkaline water, buy a 5ltr cask of PUREAU WATER from the Supermarket as it's the purest water on the market at 0 parts per million, our TDS gauge verified it is 0ppm. Alkaline water adversely affects the PH level of Phosphates.