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    Taste our New, but Ancient, Australian BBQ Smoke Product.
    Large 1kg bag
    of various sizes & thicknesses, wild harvested by Aboriginals in the N.T. $12+gst. 2.5kg postage weight by volume.
    Aboriginal Folk have long used Tea Tree Paperbark 'Narja' to smoke and wrap meats, and Barramundi tied with water lily stems and placed on coals.
    Maori people have used Manuka smoke to flavour their Hangis for centuries.
    Paperbark is a Tea Tree species, same as Manuka is, and is used here by Maoris who miss Manuka.
    Paperbark produces a mild tasting woody smoke flavour that is light on the palate. It is antimicrobial and could be considered as natural FDA approved Food Safe wraps, and can be stored for years.

    Peel off thin sheets and spray with water or marinade, to wrap Fish, seafood, potatoes, veggies, and cook in the electric Oven, or Smoker. The paperbark directly imparts flavour to the foods it is in contact with. For extra flavour, also smoke the Parcels. Thin sheets allow heat and smoke to penetrate the food.

    To wrap large Fish or Meats:-
    - Peel off several thin sheets and moisten, then tie with natural string, or line our GRILL TOPPER SMOKER TRAY with thin sheet pieces and cover the food with thin sheet pieces to fully cover food.
    - Peel off thin Paperbark sheets and moisten, then place pieces on a sheet of PINK BUTCHER SMOKER PAPER to create a large sheet collage, and wrap package 1ply only so the heat and smoke penetrate, then lay in your Oven or Smoker, on the folds.

    or quick strong smoke, shred some up and toss on coals or put in smoker boxes or gas smoker drawers.
    For long smoke sessions, soak thick square pieces in water or any liquid, and place on coals. 
    Mix with Red Gum or Oak wood chips for a tasty blended stronger smoke flavour.
    Shipping weight of 1kg big bag by volume is 2.5kg.