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    250g Resealable Bag of freshly Cracked Pepper from Cambodia, it has a little heat and can be used to add zest to BBQ Rubs and many dishes. Roll corned beef in Cracked Pepper to make Pastrami. 16/24 mesh coarse kibbled. We fresh crack it for maximum flavour.

    Use the Drop Down Menu to Select our matching Large or X-Large Stainless Steel Shaker with 3 sets of hole sizes.

    Try our DALMATION RUB It is a Blend of Cracked Pepper and Soft Delicate sweet Aussie Kosher Sea Salt Flakes. It is good on anything!

    Make your own Pastrami:
    - Rinse and soak Corned Silverside Corned Beef in fresh water for 1hr to wash salt brine out.

    - Mix this medium heat cracked pepper with our tasty GUNPOWDER RUB into a bowl. 3 parts Cracked Pepper to 1 part GUNPOWDER.

    - Roll Corned Silverside chunks in it to heavily coat the meat.

    - BBQ Smoke or cook in oven to internal meat temp 82c. 

    - Rest for min 30 mins and cut thin slices with a sharp knife.

    Our Cambodian Black Pepper is called Kampot:
    Kampot Pepper is a unique pepper from Cambodia with origins tracing back to the Kingdom of Angkor in the 13th century. The pepper berry is picked once it's reached full maturity and turned a bright red colour.

    Kampot Pepper is produced by drying the red pepper berries in the Kampot sun until they turn a deep black colour. This rare and unique pepper is a true delicacy and one of the highest quality peppers in the world.

    Kampot Black Peppercorns are highly aromatic with a fruity nose. It has a clean, slow-building heat and its peppery flavour lingers in the mouth with floral, clove and eucalyptus notes. This versatile pepper can be used to add a fruity, peppery flavour to many dishes. You'll be amazed by the wonderful and bold flavour this little berry can add to your dishes.