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    Move over U.S. made imported TATONKA DUST & HARDCORE CARNIVORE BLACK, a quality AUSTRALIAN Charcoal Rub is now available. Resealable Ziploc Bag. Use our Gunpowder Rub to easily simulate the exquisite flavour of smoking Meats or Fish over charcoal. Use sparingly as it's pretty peppery.
    Cook a Competition level Brisket by adding a thin layer of GUNPOWDER RUB on top of your favourite Rub.
    The Boss smokes a great Brisket with a 1st layer of FAJITA RUB, 2nd layer of HOTnSMOKEY CAJUN RUB, 3rd thin layer of GUNPOWDER!

    You can also mix it with your favourite Rub to add char grill flavour. Great on Steaks, Burgers, Salmon, Lamb Chops, Pumpkin Soup, Jerky, and 'campfire flavoured' eggs!
    Imitate LownSlow char grilled Lamb Chops by covering them liberally and placing under the kitchen electric grill. 

    We also offer a 1kg BULK BAG and 2.5kg BULK BAG.
    Try The 3 Day Steak Dry Brining Method to age steak, with our GUNPOWDER, then Smoke & Reverse Sear it!

    The sole purpose of Activated Charcoal in Industry is to filter, neutralize, and remove all odours from water and air. It is used in water filters, air conditioning, and gas masks, and is now popular in Steak Rubs to add char flavour, but technically it would absorb and neutralize all flavours in the meat, rendering it tasteless! 

    SOLUTION: We have Double Cold Smoked Activated Charcoal for 2 days, to fill all it's porous microscopic holes with tasty Aussie Smoke, then combined it with smoked Black Cambodian Kampot Peppercorns and smoked 'Healthy Heart' Himalayan Pink Salt (good for the arteries!), then ground it all up together to produce a FANTASTIC Charred BBQ Flavour that can be used in a shaker, or just rub it generously on meats, and Seafood.
    Our Activated Charcoal is fine ground and will easily shake out of small Shaker holes, unlike the coarse charcoal Rubs on the market that can stick between your teeth.

    Salt & Pepper is the basic go-to Brisket Rub, but we have taken it to the next level! Add it to Steaks for Char Grilled Smokey Flavour, or rub it on LownSlow Beef Briskets. Grill, Hotplate or Pan fry with this Rub to easily create genuine char grilled smokey BBQ flavour. Sprinkle on fried eggs, they taste like they were cooked in a shallow frypan over a smokey campfire! A Mate loves it on his Cappuccino.

    The sterilised steam activated Aussie Charcoal, Black Peppercorns, and Himalayan Salt were Double Cold Smoked with Aussie Red Gum and Cherry Chips.  Its Vegan, MSG & Gluten Free, and has absolutely no Preservatives, nor does it need any.
    Try our GUNPOWDER RUB on Beef Chief's Jerky.

    Our Cambodian Black Pepper is called Kampot:

    Kampot Pepper is a unique pepper from Cambodia with origins tracing back to the Kingdom of Angkor in the 13th century. The pepper berry is picked once it's reached full maturity and turned a bright red colour.

    Kampot Pepper is produced by drying the red pepper berries in the Kampot sun until they turn a deep black colour. This rare and unique pepper is a true delicacy and one of the highest quality peppers in the world.

    Kampot Black Peppercorns are highly aromatic with a fruity nose. It has a clean, slow-building heat and its peppery flavour lingers in the mouth with floral, clove and eucalyptus notes. This versatile pepper can be used to add a fruity, peppery flavour to many dishes. You'll be amazed by the wonderful and bold flavour this little berry can add to your dishes.