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    Ever heard of a Mint Hot Sauce? Neither had we, the taste is incredible on Lamb Skewers or Roast Lamb.
    Take your flavours in a whole new minty fresh direction with the addition of our Mint Hot Sauce to your dishes. Sear your taste buds with a side of mint by adding this sauce to all of your Mediterranean dishes.
    Create a middle eastern dip by adding a few spoons of this sauce to plain yoghurt, also marinade lamb in it overnight, then smoke or grill.
    Brush on Lamb Skewers or Roasts to take them to the next level, before you sizzle on the grill or roast in the oven or smoker.

    245 ml. 600g shipping weight. Rated 8/10 burn range. Vegan. No Thickeners. Made with natural ingredients.

    Great with:
    • Lamb - Smoke with smoldering Yellow Box Chunks on coals, and brush with Mint Hot Sauce: INCREDIBLE!
    • Wraps
    • Souvlaki
    • Chickpea Salads
    • Mint Yoghurt Dip
    • Mediterranean Salads
    Vinegar, red chilli (21%), water, sugar, salt, mint (1%), garlic, spices.