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    Sweet & saucy! This hot sauce contains real Mango pulp and takes your mouth on a tropical vacation reminiscent of the sultry steamy Pacific islands. The sweetness of natural mango compliments everything from chicken to seafood. See SAUCES Category for all BBQ Sauces on offer.
    Marinade meats in it or brush it on, then Smoke or BBQ grill them.
    Use it as a sassy salad dressing that is sweet with a little heat.
    Blend the Mango Hot Sauce with Smokey Hot Sauce and brush on Chicken, then smoke or grill - Superb!

    The Boss adds it to Mayo for fish and Prawns.

    This fruity hot sauce will throw a party in your mouth. Rated Mild 6/10 Shipping weight 600g.
    Vegan. No Thickeners. Made with natural ingredients.

    Great with:

    • Calamari and Fish
    • Chicken. Add to Gary's Smokey Sauce & brush on chicken. Add to Yoghurt, Coconut Milk, or Butter Milk and marinade 'skin off' chicken pieces overnight.
    • Add to Curries
    • Dip Prawns in it
    • Salad
    • Brush on Shish Kebab Skewers
    • Add to Thai soups
    • Sushi

    Mango puree (59%), vinegar, red chilli (11%), water, sugar, salt, spices, and a little Love.