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  • GRUMPY GARY'S BUTT TICKLER PERI PERI HOT SAUCE 245ml aka Conversation Stopper.


    The name might be a conversation starter but if you want to stop a boring conversation give them a little of this sauce, it will pleasantly numb their throat for 30 secs, rendering them unable to speak, so you can finally get a word in.

    Feel the burn at both ends with this hot sauce made with 23% Peri Peri chilli, it clocks in at a scorching 11/10 on the burn-o-meter. The Peri Peri Chilli lends a nice rich tang that not only tickles your palette but your bum as well. Crank up the fire factor on your chicken, paella, meatballs and jerky when you liberally sauce the meats with our Peri Peri treat. You might smile with satisfaction with the taste on your tongue, “butt you won’t be laughing at the end”. Shipping weight 600g.

    Combine a little Butt Tickler to heat up Smokey Hot Sauce for Chicken, Beef & Burgers.

    Great with:

    • Chicken
    • Burgers
    • Meatballs
    • Stir frys
    • Fajitas & Guacamole
    • Paella
    • Tom Yum or Thai Soups
    • Jerky

    Vinegar, Peri Peri chilli (23%), water, sugar, salt, garlic, spices.