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    EMAIL US FOR WHOLESALE PRICE ON A 30 MTR ROLL & DISPENSER.  Roll carton: 11kg 64 x 24 x 24cm. is the exclusive Distributor for Frogmats Australia who are the importer and registered Trademark owner of Frogmats® NON-STICK MAGIC BBQ GRILL MESH MATS & ROLLS !

    This Commercial 30mtr long 60cm wide Roll can be mounted on our heavy duty Dispenser and easily rolled out and sold by the metre in BBQ Stores. It can be cut by scissors and rolled up with a couple of rubber bands for Retail selling. RRP is $60/mtr or $30 per 1/2 mtr.

    Customers can cut and trim it with scissors to the exact size that will fit on their BBQ Grill, either round, oval, square or rectangular, Hot plate, Air Fryer, or Dehydrator.

    Frogmats® stop small foods like Prawns, Veggies, or Satay Sticks, falling through your Grill bars. Burnt Ends, Ribs, Wings, Bacon, Burgers, sticky marinated meats, or delicate Fish easily slide off.

    The Mesh does not absorb flavours or smells. It has 6mm holes that are ideal for smoking through.

    When all cooked, lift your Frogmats out and slide the meat off, then rinse and scrub it off in the sink or in the dishwasher, so it is ready again.

    Easiest way to clean Frogmats: Scrub against sink floor with large wire mesh scourer ball.

    TIP: Cut sections to match your Grill bars or the size of a large Brisket, as one large piece is difficult to get under the tap.

    Do not expose to direct flames and your Frogmat will last for years! Use it to Roll a Beef Fatty or a stuffed rolled roast and tie with string or spear a couple skewers through both sides of the mesh to secure it.

    Can be used in a Dehydrator for marinated Jerky or sticky fruit slices, also use as oven cookie sheets, or place in a steel frypan to give it a non-stick surface.

    Clean with warm water and a light scrub, or toss in the dishwasher.