Aussie BBQ Smoking Wood Chips Sawdust Smoker Chunks Chemical free Lump Charcoal Pink Butcher Paper

    $90.00 $60.00

    ®The Best Electric Charcoal Fire Starter!

    Move over shorter expensive 1800W Looftlighter brother, and step aside all you lightweight $50 Electric Charcoal Starter sisters, as your Big Brother is Now in Town! WAS $99, CURRENTLY ON SPECIAL AT $60+gst=$66.
    Bulk wholesale inquiries welcome. Packaged and Bar coded for Retail. 2.8kg shipping weight by volume.

    They call me the 1 Minute Electric Charcoal & Fire Starter. I am more powerful, bigger, 20% heavier, 1" longer, better Quality, and have an easy grip ergonomic Shotgun handle and a long 3mtr cord. Do not use a long extension cord as the voltage drop reduces power and heat. 

    Point this Fire Rod at Charcoal like the Fire Rod Wand from the Legend of Zelda game and create flaming coals in 1 minute in your BBQ, Spit, Rotisserie, Wood Heater, Fire Pit, Chiminea, or Smoker. Also good for starting wood fires in the Fireplace or Fire Pit. Designed and imported by for Aussies oi oi. Also use it to quickly crispen the crackling on smoked Pork, or warm your boots for that cold early morning starting of a long LownSlow smoke.

    N.B. For wood fires or dense compressed composite briquettes or logs that are hard to start, scrunch a little paper underneath the front, then blast it with the FIRE ROD, this will quickly furnace the material behind🔥

    Aussie BBQ Smoke is concerned about our precious earth and are proud to offer this environmentally friendly odourless charcoal lighting alternative, eliminating the need for manufactured charcoal starters.Our 2yr back to base Warranty covers any unlikely manufacturing defects, but does not cover misuse or the possible melting of the metal end or electric element if it is held too closely against the raging fire it creates, just back it up a little when flames start and it will last many years!
    N.B. Some electrical smell and a little smoke may emit in the 1st 2 mins of it's life as you break your Fire Rod in.