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    We imported Crushed Dried Juniper Berries from the U.S.A. as they are sought after here for a tasty Gourmet Rub.
    Juniper berries have a bitter astringent flavour and should be used sparingly. They are sourced from an evergreen shrub that grows in Northern, rather chilly climates and some temperate climates. It has been used for centuries as a table spice and an ingredient for marinades, spirits, and as a preservative. It can stimulate appetite. All Natural & Gluten Free.

    The flavour is piney, sweet, woody, fresh and will definitely remind you of gin. The spice is popular mainly for pickling and for the production of gin and other spirits. However, the berry’s flavour works well for meat rubs. Blend with salt, garlic, and black pepper for a popular dry rub that goes well with Venison, Pork, and Lamb. Finely grind with Thyme & Rosemary to spice up lean Beef and Briskets.