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  • CONVICT RUB 250g Bag


    CONVICT RUB (Original Recipe)

    Our CONVICT RUB was created exclusively for us by the Late infamous Australian Chef Mountain Mick. It was designed to have a tangy well balanced bite! The complex flavours combine to satisfy and thrill all parts of your palate, and taste buds, it is mild, with a slight chilli zing. 250g resealable bag. 
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    No Fillers, Low Salt, Gluten Free, No Artificial Preservatives, just PURE INGREDIENTS & FULL FLAVOUR!
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    To make wet Marinade: 1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar + 2 tbsp CONVICT RUB. 
    To make Butcher style marinade paste, mix with a little water and immerse meats.
    Other Uses:

    - add to breadcrumb Schnitzel mix.
    - add to burger mince.
    - simply shake on meats & Drumsticks. 
    - shake on Aussie style Pizza.  

    The leading tingle on the front palate is produced by rare Tasmanian Hot Mountain Pepper Berry powder @ $80/kg! plus Cayenne Pepper, the back palate burn is from the 2 Chilli Powders. The slight burn travels across your tongue until it hits your throat. It is a pleasureable sensation as it pings all of your taste buds. This is complemented by the lifting zest of 100% Organic ground Lemon Myrtle leaves from the Whitsunday Islands, the ground Leaves have a slightly stringy nature which adds to the texture of the Rub and improves it's ability to Shake out of Shaker holes.
    It is an All Purpose seasoning that can be sprinkled onto any food, or rubbed into any meat, also good in marinades, pasta sauce, gravy, snags, fish, jerky, satay sticks.. It is great on "Buffalo Wings" (hot chicken wings), mix CONVICT RUB with melted butter and a dash of hot Tabasco sauce for crispy golden buffalo wings.