Aussie BBQ Smoking Wood Chips Sawdust Smoker Chunks Chemical free Lump Charcoal Pink Butcher Paper

    $85.00 $80.00

    We offer 2 main types of locally made Australian pure chemical free natural Lump Charcoals: IRONBARK for Hot Grilling or LownSlow overnight cooks, & our ashless all rounder RED GUM Charcoal that needs min ½ air vents open.

    We suggest using a mix of 50/50 RED GUM & IRONBARK Charcoal to get a tasty combination of 2 char flavours, stabilize the excessive heat of Ironbark coal, and keep Red Gum burning in a long LownSlow cook with restricted air.

    Ironbark bags are $45, Red Gum is $40, but our new Combo Deal is 2 for $80 ie. $40ea.
    Cash pickups from our Carrum Downs warehouse avail. Metro Aus wide Courier Delivery: $25/bag. 
    We can usually tuck extra Products ordered, into the cartons and refund the extra postage charged. A Red Gum carton has no extra room.

    - MURRUMBIDGEE RIVER RED GUM CHARCOAL - all round good coal, minimal ash, air vents 1/2 open.
    - IRONBARK CHARCOAL - Hot LownSlow coal, will go 700f with vents 100% open, restrict air vents for long overnight stable heat control.