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    CHILLI CHIPOTLE POWDER 100g - Made in Mexico from smoked Mexican Jalapeno's.
    If purchased separately, 100g $3 postage applied for Envelope shipping. 
    We also offer 200g for $23 INCLUDING POSTAGE!  and BULK 500g CHILLI CHIPOTLE POWDER FOR $40 !!
    Shops all charge around $16 for a 100g Bag, which is $160/kg !! What the? eg. USA FOODS

    Authentic genuine Mexican unique sweet and smokey flavour with overtones of chocolate and tobacco with a consistent deep subtle heat. Scoville Heat Rating: 5-6 (5,000-10,000)

    Our Mexican friends picked the Jalapeno's when they were Red ripe and full of flavour, then dried them naturally under the hot Mexico sun till they were ready to be slowly smoked the traditional way, over smoldering dried Corn Cobs & Mesquite wood. 
    * Smoking with dried corn cobs creates a dark Red/Black smoke colour on Foods. 
    * Smoking with dried yellow corn kernels creates a Yellow smoke colour for foods like fatty Hungarian Pork Speck.

    Make your own smokey BBQ Rubs or use it to flavour Salsa, Hot Sauce, Chili stew, and soups.