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  • BOURBON BBQ RUB 250g. Jack Daniels flavoured seasoning for all BBQ Meats. Make Stuffed Burgers or use as Brisket under-Rub. Gluten Free


    Bourbon BBQ Rub has the perfect balance of Spices, Sweetness & Smoke, accompanied by a delightful wisp of Bourbon flavour.

    Use in BBQ Competitions, or to impress your mates at your backyard BBQ’s. Use as a spicy 1st layer under-rub on a Brisket, then cover it in a 2nd top coat layer of our DALMATION RUB for great crunchy Black Bark. 

    Excellent on all Beef, Burgers, Ribs, Pulled Pork, Lamb, Chicken, Seafood & Vegetables.
    Make Stuffed Burgers and cover heavily with Bourbon BBQ Rub and smoke with ANCIENT RED GUM CHUNKS. Probe check meat temp (avoid cheese centre), Burgers are ready at 71C meat temp.

    No MSG. Gluten Free.